The Rabbi's Son

There once was a Rabbi. His son was quickly reaching adulthood and he felt his
son just didn't have the appriciation for the Jewish religion that an adult should
have so he decided to send him on a trip to the holy lands to get a first hand
look at Jewish culture.

The boy came back from the trip and the father was asking him how it went.

"Oh it was really great dad, thanks! But, I must tell you that i'm a Christian now."

The father was none too pleased and felt he had to do something but didn't
know what. he went to a fellow Rabbi and told him the situation.

The Rabbi exclaimed, "don't look at me! I sent my son to Jerusalem and he
came back a Christian also. Their combined oppinion was that it was a
conspiracy and decided to go to the Head Rabbi.

The Head Rabbi exclaimed, "Don't look at me! I too sent my son to Jerusalem
and he came back a Christian. this is something we MUST pray over."

All three kneeled and prayed and God answered: "Don't look at me...."

Author is Unknown